Some Paid Udemy Courses For FREE

Some Paid Udemy Courses For FREE (31st March,2021)

1.Bitcoin Short Sell Trading & BTC Binary Options

Coupon Code : 1MAR21

2.Cryptocurrency fundamentals and finding the next bitcoin

Coupon Code : D3PROMO100

3.The Complete Guide on SQL Injections

Coupon Code : FREESQLI

4.Learn Servlets


5.Machine Learning Crash Course

Coupon Code : E246D7F7E446CC59AE8D

6.Complete Arabic Course

Coupon Code : 718D1F44C2100566C608

7.Microsoft Teams: Online Team work and Project management 

Coupon Code : DD752930FABC21504EA5

8.Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training

Coupon Code : BLACK30

9.Simple strategy Trading forex

Coupon Code : 4EC838E62E022C391D7B

10.Amazon FBA Mastery Course

Coupon Code : DC95AA9A2F6144115F5D

11.Shopify guide : The complete Shopify Store Creation Course

Coupon Code : 306B42628FE1C58A0E08

12.Green Hydrogen Fundamentals

Coupon Code : 65ABDB9F563DCB92B930

13.Magic of Words

Coupon Code : FREEMAGIC

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